Combined Calendar for all projects



There should be a combined calendar across all organization projects in Asana. At least on the personal level, but preferably also for all team members.

I don’t understand why this isn’t included, because it introduces a lot of unnecessary headache when trying to get an overview of one’s work week.

Right now, we have to export each and every project with iCal/Google Calendar. Which is problematic because:

A) It takes a lot of time just to get everyone to export new calendar URLs and add them to their calendar app of choice. If we have 10 projects running, we have to add 10 separate calendars, that all need added notification/alert settings in the calendar application.

B) The GCal API adjusts to updates only once per day. This is entirely inflexible and non-functional.

I’ve experimented with setting up Zapier integration to add/edit/remove calendar events. Which requires 10 calendars to also have like 4-5 custom zaps that takes a few minutes each to configure. So I have to create like 50 zaps for 10 calendars…?!


Hi @Niklas

Have you tried to use advanced search?
You can provide all the projects you need to combine and add some other filters.

Then in the top bar, there’s an option to switch to Calendar view.

You can also mark the star to save the custom search into your bookmarks, and then you’ll be able to rename it too.

I hope this solves your problem. :slight_smile:


It’s an interesting (and laborious) workaround but I don’t understand why a total - across all projects - calendar view isn’t a basic, fundamental feature in the app. Nobody operates on the basis of only what’s happening in a single project - getting to grips with your work and managing priorities requires viewing the totality of your - and your team’s - commitments.

I’d really really urge you guys to put this in place as a matter of priority.


Don’t forget to vote if you’d like to see this feature.


Massive +1 from us. One of the things that swayed us to Asana was the integrated calendar, under the pretence/assumption that we’d be able to get an overview of every team at the same time, rather than limited to each team one at a time.


Is there any update on this? I’m new to Asana and a huge perk was knowing that this could be synced to Outlook. However, I need to sync each project individually to Outlook, and it possesses its own calendar (meaning I need to have 8+ calendars up and compare due dates with one another). You can combine calendar viewing on Outlook, but as far as I know, this is a temporary option and I will need to recombine the projects’ calendars every time I go to open them back up (I can’t always leave them up, as I need to review other colleagues’ calendars regularly). This is a major upvote for me; without it, I can’t say Asana syncs “well” with calendars, albeit it does sync.


This is actually one of the large problems we’re facing, too. We need to be able to have an overview as we’re using this across a large number of clients/teams.


I would like to see that I’m able to access my full calendar for one team. It looks like perhaps there is a limit to how many projects can be on the one team before the calendar feature goes away. Does anyone know anything about this?


I’m looking for this as well. Has this request been addressed by Asana yet? I see you requested it months ago.


if you click on the teams name on the left, you will have “discussion” and “calendar” for this team.

the calendar has all tasks of all projects of that team.

you may do a “search” (over all theses projects) where you may exclude all “done” tasks.

(we all know that we wait for displaying also the project title in the calendar entries … )


Hey, I too would love Asana to include a combined calendars across various teams. It’s almost an oversight to NOT have this feature! Is there an update on whether this is in the pipline? Clearly there’s a lot more out there who’d benefit from this.