Combine tags for advanced search with simple clicks

Hi there,

The Advanced Search tool looks powerful and useful, BUT it would be great if you’re able to reduce some steps.
A good way to filter a search is by clicking on a TAG. So once you click on it, you’ll only see the list of tasks that have that particular tag.
But if you want to combine 2 tags you have to use the Advanced Search tool.

This could be way more powerful and straightforward if you’re able to click on a tag, then “ctrl+click” or “shift+click” on another tag or project to add an extra layer of search filtering by combining tags or projects.

SO, this can work in different ways (you should think how):
A - To see only tasks that have all of those selected tags (intersection way)
B - To see all the tasks that have either one or the other selected tag (additive way).

A bug that I found:
When I click on a tag to filter the tasks that have that particular tag, the list of tasks appears in a different order than on the original list, and there’s no way to sort if as desired.

Well, I hope this helps. I’m a fan of Asana and have been a user for 8 years, and keep encouraging all my colleagues & teammates use it.

Keep it up!

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us @Roberto_Connolly!

We also have a couple of feedback threads that you maybe interested in upvote:

Thanks for your reply, Natalia.

I checked the links but unfortunately, none of them work as a solution.

That being said, I insist in the suggestion I provided and the bug I mentioned.

All the best,