"Columns" and "Tags" UI look identical in tasks and task previews.

I don’t understand why two totally different functionalities have the exact same UI in Asana. We use “Tags” to quickly decipher the status of a project. I don’t even understand why the columns one is there, but it seems to have something to do with templetizing certain tasks. In any case, they look almost identical in both the task preview and task item. Is there anyway to change this?


I’d post more images, but apparently I’m not allowed to.

Hi @Rion_Haber and thanks for reaching out in the Forum.

Sorry about the confusion here! The two first labels you’re seeing on your screenshots are project tags; which means the task you’re currently looking at is nested both in a specific section of your “Content” and “SkillUp” projects. You can learn more about Project label in this article from our Guide: https://asana.com/guide/help/tasks/fields#gl-multi-home

The label below called “In Queue” is a tag, you can recognize it thanks to the little tag icon.

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Hi Marie,
I’m not sure that I’ve described the problem well enough. I understand what they are and how their functionalities differ. My challenge is that despite those differing functionalities their UI is almost identical.

This makes it difficult for our project managers to quickly assess what’s going on with a project at a glance In the task preview view, there’s not even any text, so no one has any idea which is which. It’s just bad design.