Color tasks on timeline for specific collaborators

I would like to organize my timeline with colors for each collaborator.

For example, if our copywriter is the first person to work on a project and her color is blue, the task shows up in a blue color. When she finished her part of the project she just mark her part finished. Thats when I want the task to change color. So when its time for the next collaborator, lets say our art director and his color is red, I would like the project to switch color to red.

Does anybody know if this is possible? I´ve tried to do this using tags but the problem is that I cant organize the tags in the right order. They always start in the order that I created them, and since I don´t want to create new tags every time I create a new task I would like to know if there´s another way to do it. The problem would be easy to solve if I just could move the tags in the order I want them to show up, but right now it seems like that´s impossible.

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You could do this using Custom Fields by having a field for “collaborator” or “stage” or something similar, each with their own color. Then, each person could change the field when it goes to the next person, and you can change the Timeline color to show color by fields (screenshot below)