Collapse team information in sidebar stopped working since new navigation updates



In the Latest Asana nav updates post, the final item on the page states:

“You can also click on the Teams header in your sidebar to collapse team information if you don’t need to see it.”

The feature (collapse and expand) Teams header always worked for me, but (I’m assuming) since the new nav updates (only used today), it no longer works for me.

Terri Ann


I’m using Chrome, on MAC High Sierra 10.13.4


I was switched to the latest UI yesterday and using Chrome on MAC 10.13.2. I can collapse Teams.


Thanks Vince. Can you collapse them by clicking the teams header or just by clicking the arrow? I can click the arrow. Prior to this update, I could click the teams header.


Both the header and the arrow works for me.


Ok thanks for letting me know.