Collapse all / Expand all projects with same tag



We at our marketing team use Asana for our two-weekly sprint meetings. All tasks we are working on the next sprint, are tagged with ‘sprint’.

When we click on the tag ‘sprint’, we get an overview of all projects with that tag. When we go through the list we first ‘collapse all’ projects manually, before we go through the project. When we discuss a project, we expand this one, and shortly go through some/all of the underlying tasks.

Our request would be to have an Collapse all / Expand all functionality for Projects, similar to the one you can have with email conversations in i.e. Outlook.


I was just about to request this myself. I have a saved report that searches 40 different projects, and it’s a real hassle having to scroll down collapsing them all so they’re more manageable. A ‘collapse all’ function would be ideal.


This is much needed functionality for me too!


Adding a comment to say this is still needed 1-1/2 years later!
Please and thank you!