Collaborative Document Review

My client has an extensive set of construction design guidelines, which I’ve been hired to rewrite. I would like the client and other project consultants to be able to review and comment on drafts of the document online. Can Asana facilitate this? If so, how?

Hi @Steve_Moorhead it depends on what you mean facilitate this.

You can link to documents in Google Drive, DropBox and One Drive as per this guide article;

Also there is a set of custom fields that you can use to help with the approval flow;

Hope this helps.


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To echo Steve’s request above, I would love to have a way to attach/upload the document from whatever source (in our case, Google Drive), but to have Asana display the actual document (vs a link) and to have the comment/notes/suggestions live in Asana - therefore the approval process is entirely within Asana. I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) Asana has similar functionality for graphic design approvals - it would be ideal to use a similar workflow with copy as well.