Coffee Talk- What was your Asana "Aha!" moment?


Hi everyone! I’m curious to know: What was your Asana “Aha!” moment?

For those of you who are unfamiliar, an aha moment is new users first realize the value of a product. It usually happens during onboarding, and it’s usually an emotional moment… the moment you realize that Asana is going to make your life/work/project better.

For me, it was after a few days of using it. I am the kind of person who ruminates on what I have to do… later today, tomorrow, next week, etc. I would often keep a little “to-do” list, but that was only marginally helpful because it wasn’t actually connected to the work I do (and the people I collaborate with). Once I started using Asana, and made the decision to toss my to-do list, I realized I stopped thinking about everything I had to do. I just created a task and assigned a due date, and then i’d stop thinking about it until I needed to. This made me a lot more focused on what I had to get done today.

What about you? Did you have a moment when you realized the real benefits of Asana?


For me it is everyday, when I realize the amount of stuff I am able to manage at once. But if I have to be more specific, it is when a really old task pushed to Later comes back thanks to auto-promotion :slight_smile:


It was the attention to detail–every detail–in the product, the Guide, and the website, and the thoughtfulness of the mission and approach, that sold me immediately six or so years ago when I needed a work tracking/to do/collaboration tool for both personal use and very small team use. I did a careful analysis of the alternatives and liked all these things about Asana and began using it and have never looked back. So my “aha moment” came before I started using Asana; I could see I’d probably found what I was looking for even then. Keep up the good work!!


It was already this great six years ago?? :heart:


It really was :smile:


For my team is the full audit history of a task is a big aha!

We are using Asana to manage our software development projects. A task will go through a whole bunch of phases(Analysis, Dev, Test, Production) and we love having the dates created, updated, comments and audit history of the columns or sections a task moved. Also having the attaching specs, test results and all conversations around 1 task is super helpful.

The aha moment comes when team remembers realize that a single task can handle all our needs for a requirement. The clearly defined in the description, each person has subtasks for the work to be done and there’s a full audit history of how a task was completed.


For me, it was using custom fields for the first time. I’m lucky to have been on a team that committed to the premium version right from the start, so one of the first things I did was set up a project and start messing around with custom fields. When I understood the link between what custom fields could track, the ease with which one could pull it together in a search, and then how exporting that search result could give even deeper detail, it blew my mind.

On Wednesday I’m going to do some advanced Asana training for another of our teams that has just upgraded to premium. I can’t wait to show them what’s possible.


I’m a bit late on this thread, but wanted to chime in! I had quite a few “Aha!” moments with Asana, but the launch of Timelines was definitely one of the biggest one! I am one of these people who need to visualize things when I’m working or learning something new, so being able to visualize an entire project via the Timeline made my life so much easier! :eyes:


Me too, that was the moment I purchased the premium version. Also with custom fields!