Coffee talk: What is your most productive time of day?



At Asana, many of us aim to be at the office from around 9am - 5pm, but some people prefer to come into the office earlier or stay later to accommodate their more productive times of day. What’s your most productive time of day?

When are you most productive and why do you think that is? What kind of structures do you put in place to accommodate your personal productivity clock? Are there any places or spaces where you find you’re most productive?

My two cents? I find that I’m most productive from around 10am - 2pm. I tend to see my highest output during those times, sitting cross legged in my desk chair and often with my headphones in listening to jazz without vocals or classical music. I think a big part of that time frame has to do with my meal schedule, to be honest. I’ll eat a late breakfast at 9am with high protein and a 12:30pm lunch (also high protein), and I genuinely think it fuels my brain! Unfortunately it means I often work through lunch because I’m “in the zone,” so I try to dedicate chit chat time to before 10am or around 3pm, when I usually dip. It also means that I try not to schedule meetings after 3pm because I won’t be able to contribute as much to the meeting as I would other times of day.


Most productive time: when there is no discussions on Slack (better to close it actually) and no meetings. Meetings are sa bad for a developer in my opinion :sweat_smile: It divides the day into small chunks, preventing you from getting in the zone.


I’m definitely a morning person; I actually enjoy getting up super early (5.30 am most of the days) and this is definitely when I’m the most productive. In fact, one of my favorite thing to do is to arrive super early in the office, when nobody is there yet. The peacefulness of the place, some classical music and my delicious cup of coffee make it one of my favorite part of the day! I also noticed that I’m way more creative in the morning, so I try to work on “creative” tasks at the start of my day.


I totally agree with you @Marie I could copy and paste your post :wink: with a small modification: 5.50am instead of 5.30am :slight_smile: