Coffee Talk: What gets you motivated?


Hello everyone!

Greetings from a decidedly gloomy and autumnal Asana Dublin.

Although our Community is now across the globe, over here we are already starting to feel that demotivation that comes up with getting up in darkness, and going home just as the blanket of nighttime shrouds the city.

So, how do you stay motivated? We are situated near Iveagh Gardens - a park that contains a rose garden, statues, and a fountain. A wee lap of the park (perhaps with my pal @Marie) can add a significant amount of enthusiasm, as that break from the desk refreshes the soul (and rests the eyes!).

Are you the type to make an escape for a quick coffee? Do you have a website that you like to read that helps you get back on track? Do you spend your spare time planning trips for the coming months?

Let us know below!


Music, definitely. Or watching movies like “The Social Network” makes me want to change the world!



@Niamh not to gloat but it is heading to Summer down under and Brisbane is always sunny…

For me yes it is getting outside to clear my head and refocus. And some days it is just the focus that I am being paid to do a job and just get on and do it. And the thought the quicker and better I get it done the more time I will have…



@Bastien_Siebman, I’m always looking for new music to listen to at work, any recommendations?

@Jason_Woods I’m slightly jealous, please send some Australian heat and sun our way!!


@Marie my trick is to create an empty playlist (on Spotify) called “Best of the best”. And I frequently add the best songs I hear to it, and usually listen to this same playlist several times a day. When I have enough, I create an empty “Best of the best #2” and start over. After a few weeks, I go back to my old playlists :slight_smile:


@Marie. Seems I jinxed it… We have had rain and storms and looks like it’s going to continue through the weekend…

I think I may have been tripped over by Murphy’s Law…

@Bastien_Siebman like the idea for the playlist.



@Bastien_Siebman I feel the exact same! Music really helps me stay focused and motivated! I especially love listening to upbeat 80’s playlists :smiley:

Another thing that I love to do to make myself feel more motivated during a busy day in work is to take a quick 5 and clean/reorganize my desk. It makes me feel much more put together and helps me to focus on what’s important. According to @Marie it’s the German part of me :de:


It is the beautiful fall in Toronto and my work is next to a great park by the lake and huge elm and maple trees. The fall colours never fail to motivate me. If we’re free on the weekends we drive north to Algonquin Park and the moose and the cry of the wolf packs and the great fresh water lakes we canoe on.


Exercise is always my best way to get motivated. Our office isn’t in a particularly nice location, but getting out and walking for 20 mins can make a big difference to waking me up and energising me. A coffee or a hot chocolate afterwards finishes it off nicely.


Omg @Myles_Kesten I’m SO jealous :see_no_evil: Visiting Canada in Autumn is definitely in the top 10 of my bucket list!


Sometimes I take a coffee break and listen to a podcast. It gives my mind a break and usually refreshes me mentally so I can refocus on what I need to do.


As a motivational aid, I’ll sometimes require that I first finish something I’m not so excited doing before allowing myself to move on to things I’d rather do.

Also, breaking something big down into whatever first step I’m willing to tackle can be enough to get something started, and then maybe inertia takes over.

Barring those: coffee in or out, exercise, and music!



Just out of curiosity, @Shannon_Baker, what podcasts are you currently listening to?

@Marie did a great thread on that subject here:

I’m always looking for new recommendations.


Thanks for referring me to the thread @Mark_Hudson! I posted my top two podcasts. :slight_smile:


If I’m dragging throughout the morning, I try to find someone to run out for lunch. Getting out of the office and taking a solid hour for a decent meal almost always does the trick to boost me over the demotivation hump.


That’s a great idea Joel! I do lunch or meet someone for coffee just to get out of the routine and get a change of scenery. It’s amazing how a small break can help you get motivated again.


As much as I love Asana for organizing my tasks and helping me move my work forward. I’m also a big user of the written Ink & Volt Planner. I spend about 1 hr on a Sunday reviewing my Annual/Monthly/ Weekly goals progress and schedule the upcoming week. Its nice to sit at the table with a cup of coffee and plan the week. I try to do it most Sundays, but there are definite lapses during really busy times. It helps pass the time on a cold winter Sunday morning though.