Coffee talk: Spring cleaning advice! What kind of Spring cleaning are you doing in Asana and otherwise?



Happy Spring, everybody! That means…Spring cleaning! Yet another excuse to reduce clutter at home or even in your Asana projects.

Do you practice Spring cleaning? If yes, what do you like to clean up in particular - your home, your work, etc? What processes do you recommend?

Personally, I like to take the excuse to clean up at this time of year (I’ve referenced Marie Kondo before). It helps that I’m about to move! Nothing like packing to show you what you really do and don’t use.

When it comes to Spring cleaning for Asana projects and tasks, some habits I recommend are:

  • Archive projects no longer in use
  • Clean up your My Tasks. If you have a non-essential task that’s been sitting there and you know it’s never going to get done, then just check it off and focus on the work you know you’ll do that can make an impact.
  • Get down to inbox zero! I try to do this on a daily basis, but I know lots of people have different philosophies, so if you have a full inbox, take this opportunity to de-clutter!
  • Clean up the new tasks at the top of your projects. Often we or others will add tasks to projects without actually filing them in the relevant section or adding the proper custom field. Now’s the time to do it!

Write a post to let us know what kind of Spring cleaning you’re doing!


Great topic.

Spring/Summer is indeed “spring cleaning” time for me because it’s when my workload is the lightest so I can focus on organizing and refreshing projects.

My Asana spring cleaning will consist of reviewing templates and making sure they still work for projects. I may need to add some sections or remove some sections based on how the event or campaigns that they’re used for have changed.

I’ll also look at testing projects I haven’t had time otherwise to experiment with-for instance, I created a project to test using Pomodoro (timed) tracking of work but haven’t had time (funny enough) to put it to use.


Great topic, @Alexis!

This Spring I plan to clear out any clothes that I haven’t worn in the past 6 months - that 2014 Great North 10K running T shirt is officially embarrassing! - and tidy up old paperwork/receipts that I’ve been hoarding in a box ‘just in case’. I’d also like to tackle a couple of surfaces that permanently have random stuff on them - how did the top of the bookcase become the place to put letters, leaflets and toys that are waiting to go back upstairs?

I also think of Spring as a time to tackle things that I’ve been putting off or unable to do all winter. So, in the next few weeks we’re finally having our rattly metal garden gate replaced with a nice new, wooden one, and we’ll clear out all of the dead plants that my mother kindly gave us and we killed through lack of attention. She’s designed a whole new garden based around hardy plants that don’t require watering!

In Asana, I’ve already started reviewing a few projects and tweaking them to make them more streamlined and easier to report on. I’m also going to weed out some of our old, redundant tags and custom fields.

I’m going to check out that Marie Kondo book. It sounds like exactly what we need!


Hey everyone! Ah the joys of spring cleaning!

Over the year, we’ve gained new employees and started a LOT of new projects-- I’m going to be cleaning up our teams, making new ones, and moving projects to the most relevant team so that the view is cleaner for all of our members! :raised_hands:


I definitely need to review my templates as well. They evolve so often!


I am already quite minimalist, doing the Project 333 at the moment ( I have a recurring task to read and clean every single task in my Asana very month, so nothing special for me :slight_smile: Trying to stay clean all year :muscle: