Coffee talk: Something comes up and you have to reschedule a bunch of your work, what do you do?



I just learned that we could have a second flu season this spring, which reminds me of how sometimes life happens, things come up, and we need to reschedule our work. So, let’s talk about how to handle that in Asana and otherwise!

Some of you know that I organize my My Tasks by days of the week. This becomes particularly useful when something comes up or I get sick #fluseason and I need to reschedule work. Say something comes up on Friday. Then, I’ll get back to work on Monday and I can easily move all my Friday tasks to the Monday section in my My Tasks. If tasks are overdue, then their dates will appear in red, so I know to get to them first. It’s also a good gut check for prioritizing - sometimes you’ll realizing one task isn’t as high priority as another, and Monday hi pri tasks will come before Friday hi pri tasks. You could call that a silver lining of the inconvenience. It’s an opportunity to become re-grounded in work and learn about how we’ve been working and what needs to come first.

What are your best practices for rearranging work when life happens and you need to reschedule things?


If you have premium, you can now click into timeline view, highlight all of your Friday tasks and drag them to Monday, and your list view will auto update.


Only thing there @Dana_Chambers is that timeline is not available for My tasks (yet… Wishing). But for projects yes very nice and easyway to move a group of take…