Coffee Talk: Do you Meditate?



Lately I’ve heard people talking more and more about meditation. I’ve of course learned about meditation’s power to reduce stress levels, but also that meditation has the power to help people overcome PTSD, among other disorders.

So, do you meditate? If you do, tell us about it! Why do you meditate and what does it do for you? Has it helped your productivity in any way? How did you learn to stick with it? Do you have a favorite meditation app?..Would love to hear all of your thoughts.


It may not be meditation per se, but I talk to a world famous neurologist about whether the scientific validity of binaural beats which is basically alternating sounds between your ears. This app is absolutely fantastic for sleep using this science.


I did start using Headspace at a time I was confused about things, angry all the time… But this phase passed and I stopped. It was interesting though!


I also downloaded Headspace some time ago but have yet to use it. I find that I’m either too tired or too busy in the evenings to spend time on it, which is revealing in itself. I have a fantasy that when the children are older, I’ll suddenly have endless time on my hands, but I suspect that’s nonsense.

I do quite a lot of running, which I tend to find meditative. I stopped running with music because I like having natural sounds around me, and because I find it easier to switch off my brain that way. There’s something extremely calming about concentrating on breathing, pacing, and the inevitable pain that comes with running. I usually find that when I get back from a longer run, I can’t remember a single thing I was thinking about along the way. Even though I’m physically tired, I almost always feel happier and more awake after running.


Swimming two times a week does the same!


But I agree with you, I very often think “I don’t have time to meditate” which is pretty ironic ^^


Yes! I meditate with some regularity. 10-15 minutes in the morning or at night. Started after reading “Mindfulness for Beginners” by Jon Kabat-Zinn (highly recommended).

When I’m on a good streak, I definitely notice improvements. Beyond the clarity and calmness that come with strengthening the “mindfulness muscle,” starting the day with meditation just grounds the day. Before you do anything else, you’ve sat quietly with your breath for a few minutes; more good choices flow naturally.

Headspace is good, but Insight Timer is free and has boatloads of free content from teachers like Tara Brach.

Meditation isn’t something that has led me to a zen epiphany every morning, but, like eating clean or brushing your teeth, it has a gently positive effect that accumulates with daily practice.


This is a good idea but I don’t know how to do this when you have kids :sweat_smile:


Ha ha! Agreed. I read the words ‘Before you do anything else, you’ve sat quietly . . .’, frowning like I was reading an alien language. Sitting? Quiet? :crazy_face:


Thank you for the tip, @Jack_Reeves! I heard a great interview with Tara Brach on Tim Ferriss’ podcast.


Jon Kabat-Zinn is an amazing teacher when it comes to Mindfulness meditation. He has multiple videos on youtube that are extremely informative.


Mindfulness meditation keeps me sane. I use guided meditations. I cannot keep my mind clear enough to do silent mediation. I can definitely tell when I’m getting out of the habit. I highly recommend looking at The Honest Guys on YouTube. They have some of the best guided meditations out there.


Calm is another great app


:heart_eyes: this discussion!

I agree with @Jack_Reeves that I notice a positive effect when I make a practice of fitting meditation into my routine. It’s definitely a practice for me though, and I try to treat it that way by not being self-critical when my mind wanders through the whole 10 minutes some days.

And like, @Mark_Hudson I also find running meditative, and I’ve found a combined practice of a short run followed by a quick meditation to be the winning combo from years of experimenting on my morning routine.

I’ve used Headspace for my meditation for a few years, and I’ve found their packs, videos, and Andy’s soothing voice to be very helpful in guiding me through my practice. I particularly like their productivity, prioritization, and acceptance packs.


@Kaitie Just out of interest, have you done the San Francisco parkrun? I’ve seen pictures from it on Facebook and thought it looks stunning.


I haven’t done the official run, but have done a similar route along the water and bridge that is stunning indeed. The parkrun sounds fun though- I may have to join sometime :star_struck: