Code snippets in Asana




I can’t believe it’s been six years and this hasn’t been implemented yet. I’d even take having the monospace text being in a different color as a “code sniplet,” but being in the same color makes it barely noticeable when inline.

+1 Please!

@Kiri_Yu - I’ve changed the color of the monospace font using a Chrome extension to inject some CSS into the page as a workaround. I can share it with ya if you’d like.

I’ve already done the same, but it’s annoying to have to share this sort of workaround across a team, and it only works if you’re using Asana in the browser, etc. Thank you though.

I just wish proper styling for code sniplets would be implemented!

@Kiri_Yu — Completely agree. They’re using ProseMirror now for the editor. Maybe they’ll add it to their roadmap soon.

Hi folks, I wanted to post a quick update related to this topic.

We plan to make our code monospace functionality available in the text editor toolbar (currently, you have to use backticks to use monospace formatting). And we’re also improving this feature by adding colors :art:

Here is a sneak peek into what this will look like:

GiF monospace

We plan to begin rolling this update out via an A/B test on March 1st, and providing everything goes well, we will make it available to everyone in early April!

Note that while this update does not include Code blocks, this is something we’re closely looking into :nerd_face: I will share more updates on this topic as soon as possible!


+1 This would be a very useful feature for some development projects

Very frustraing problem in an otherwise awesome tool. We had to abandon Asana because of this.

Today I’m sharing an Asana related side-project we are developing at Volcanic that some of you might be interested in.

It is a Chrome Extension called Codesana, a Chrome extension designed for developers who use Asana for task management.With this extension, you can quickly and easily insert formatted coding text into your Asana task descriptions. It supports a variety of coding languages, including Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more.

The extension automatically formats your code to make it more readable and visually appealing. It uses syntax highlighting to color code your code and improves the indentation to make it easier to read.
This extension saves time for developers who frequently add code snippets to their task descriptions, as it eliminates the need to manually format code or use external tools to generate formatted code snippets.

We are currently beta testing it and I’d love to have the feedback from experts like you. If you want us to have access to this beta please fill this form so we can “whitelist” your email address and you can use Codesana for free. Thank you!

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It seems the A/B testing has rolled out to me now, and the color has become an unreadable ugly yellow. Triple-backtick code blocks still don’t work (used the annoying WYSIWYG editor to mark it as monospace, and ugh).

Have you tried our Chrome Extension to format code @Wouter_van_Heijst ?

If not, please fill this form and we’ll grant you access to our beta

I’m not using Chrome for Asana, I have used GreaseMonkey in the past to fix the rendering client side but that doesn’t really help for all the other users. This is really something Asana should fix properly on their side.

Ok it seems to get slightly more readable if I turn off the Enable color blind friendly mode (protanopia and deuteranopia) setting in the Display section of My Settings:

Real code blocks with syntax highlighting would make this product much more useable for development! :pray: