Cmd/Ctrl+Enter through tasks / Jumping to next task after task completion

If I remember correctly, after completing a task in a list view, or completing a subtask, the focus would have jumped to the next task/subtask in the list.
However, a few months ago, the focus was kept on the task which was just completed, and the behavior seems to have settled.
I’m using Google Chrome on both Mac and Windows computers.

Usually we are no longer interested in the task when we finish and complete the task, and we are more likely interested in seeing and working on the next task.

I’d appreciate it if I can know the intention behind this change, and ideally the behavior can be reverted back to the original.

Outline your use case
I create or am assigned a list of tasks, which are done in an order, usually from top to bottom.

Frame the feature request in context of how your team is using Asana
I create a task from a task template (a check list) which contains many steps as subtasks, e.g.:

  • Create a task in Asana
  • Create folders in the shared drive
  • Ask the requester questions if any
  • Analyze the job
  • Create a quote
  • Kick off the job
  • Do the job
  • Invoice the job

Some steps can be completed right away, and I’d like to complete them as fast as I can.

Help us understand the impact this is having on your team
In the past, I was able to complete the subtasks fast, just by selecting the first subtask and pressing Cmd+Enter several times.

Now, I need to either:

  • select the first task, press Cmd+Enter, press ↓, press Cmd+Enter, press ↓, … or
  • multi-select the tasks to complete, and press Cmd+Enter

It takes 1-2 seconds per task, and it adds up, because I do this action so many times every day.

List any workarounds you may have employed

  • multi-select the tasks to complete, and press Cmd+Enter

… if I remember the new behavior. But more often, I press Cmd+Enter and just realize that the cursor doesn’t move to the next task.

Ditto this request, especially now because this behavior also affects the My Tasks detail view since its recent update to the Projects-style view. You have to manually select the next task you want to view and complete – there’s no keyboard stroke or shortcut key to select the next task, you have to use your mouse, which is really INEFFICIENT. Please bring the previous behavior back!

Note – I’m looking for this behavior in the DETAILS view in My Tasks (and it would be nice in Projects as well). In the list view, it works as expected – when you complete a task, it jumps down to the next task. If it could do the same in the DETAILS view that’d be great and much more efficient. Thanks.