Close date picker automatically after selecting the due date

I appreciate that Tab+U now works with the date picker open. That eliminates most of the issue for me.

I agree with the comments above. Not being able to select the date and move on without an additional click is extremely disruptive. It’s really slowing down my flow when working through tasks and adjusting due dates for items in my task list and inbox.


I also agree to remove this extra step. It seems like the only need for it is when people make mistakes and can instantly change it. Though, I’m confident these instances are represented with the smaller ratio of users. Please don’t make me use Monday.

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I have to retract my earlier statement that Tab + U works with the date picker open. Sometimes it does, sometimes is doesn’t. When it doesn’t, this “expected functionality” is still frustrating.

Hi all, for the recent update to the calendar when selecting due dates, it’s lost a little bit of functionality. As a big fan of keyboard shortcuts, I used to be able to select tasks, type tab+D, and then type something like “today,” “tomorrow,” or “wednesday,” then click enter, and the task would now be due on that day. The new pop-up doesn’t allow for typing in. Additionally, it’s a bit weird to use since after you click on the date, you have to just click somewhere else on asana to close the window. It was nice before when a date was selected, the window would close and we could move on to the next thing. The way to close it is no longer very intuitive.

It would be nice if old keyboard shortcut functionalities could be kept regardless of new features being added.


Thanks for your feedback @Brian_Fanelli! We have a thread on. this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback!

So more time spent working on work @Emily_Roman? :pensive:

Hi everyone,

Thanks you so much for your patience and taking the time to share your feedback with us. As promised I want to keep you posted here.

The A/B test finished a few days ago and after analysing the results, we’ve decided to go ahead and roll the new date picker. We’re aware that by doing so, we have removed the ability to close the date picker automatically after selecting the due date and we want to thank you for your feedback. Rest ensured that we’re looking at options to implement this feature or some replacement for it. I will use this thread to keep you updated.

In the meantime, we’re keeping this thread in our product feedback category, to allow you to vote for this request, and easily keep track of your feedback!

Every time I set a date and have to manually dismiss the picker I tell myself “you’re just stuck in a test, eventually they will discontinue this horrible experiment.”

I guess now I’ll have to find something else to tell myself.

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That’s an interesting response based on how many users have complained about this. It didn’t seem like that tough of a decision.


Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Hi, not sure if it is a bug or expected behavior but for me it is annoying :slight_smile: When I choose a due date, the window does not close right away and I have to click elsewhere to use a hotkey like “mark for later”. But some weeks ago it was possible that I choose the date, the window closes rightaway and I can immediately press TAB+L.

Steps to reproduce: see above

Browser version: Google Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88

Upload screenshots below:

Thank you!

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Hi @Andre_Pollklesener, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! We recently redesigned the date picker and this currently is expected behaviour and not a bug. We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve also gone ahead and merged your post with Close date picker automatically after selecting the due date to centralize feedback.

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One more STRONG vote for going back to the old way. This is a minor pain that is multiplied 100x per day for my 40 or so users. Ugh…


what’s worse is if I’m in a list sorted by date, say a long list, and I select the date field on a task without selecting the task, it moves the task off the screen. so even if I wanted to select a start and end date, I can’t, I lost my view.

this is horrible UX imho, totally killed my flow, I can’t even.

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I would just like to add to the feedback from others that this is a highly frustrating change, and makes the interface much clunkier when administering tasks. Asana’s major advantage of competitors like Basecamp has always been the simplicity of using its interface - I feel like this is a major step backwards in that regard.

It is also causing accidental changes to our task lists, which is a very serious problem for us, as users often can’t see that the datepicker has been left open lower down the page after changing a task date.


I agree with Ray_Gillespie, even if you wanted to pick a close date, the task jumps down the list out of your view. This is poor UI design and all around and it’s frustrating a LOT of your customers.

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Hi Emily - I’m not sure where else to post this, but since a lot of good UI points have been brought up in this thread, I thought I would add a new issue here.

So my view of tasks recently changed and become like a spreadsheet. The task detail is now not available unless one clicks on a task, and then “Details”. That is in issue because the task details are always important (at least to me they are). So now there is another click, including a slide to the right - that is a bit of a challenge, sliding the mouse right exactly in a horizontal line to get the right “Details” (not the one above or below).

And then add to this a new bar that now appears at the bottom of the screen when I select multiple tasks. Now to change a date I have to select the tasks, slide the mouse to the three dots, then pick “Set Due Date”, then pick the date, then find a spot where I can click somewhere else (but not another task), then I can finally Tab + U.

This recent set of changes has added a lot of repetitive work. What are we gaining from this?

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@John_Taylor a couple things I wanted to point out which you might already be aware of:

When your cursor is left of the “details” button and hovering over the text of a task, you can actually right-click and choose “view details” to open the task detail pane on the left. You don’t have to scroll all the way over to the far right side of the task name column. When a task is selected, you can also use the keyboard shortcut TAB+[ENTER}. Yes, both options still require an extra click when compared to the previous UI, but hopefully one of these is more appealing then always seeking out the details button.

I assume that you are showing the Due Date as a column in your grid list. If so, you can change the due date for all the tasks in a multi-select by clicking on any of the selected due date fields. You don’t necessarily have to click on the more dots option.

Lastly… I originally voted for this #productfeedback because I, too, liked that after selecting a due date the picker window would previously close. However, tbh, the current UI is growing on me. I often fell victim to the things that @IvanStaykov mentioned:

I wouldn’t be upset if the UI changed back to how it was, but I do see some gains in the way it is today. Needing to hit “enter” or “esc” now forces me to take a split second to consider if everything I needed to adjust was appropriately set. I can appreciate it.

That said, I do think that having a nice blue “done” button next to the “clear” would be a happy medium - esp for the mouse clickers. Do you think the team would consider something similar to what is seen when assigning duplicate tasks, @Emily_Roman? (see below)


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I appreciate the suggestions @Jerod_Hillard. They do help reduce some of the extra work.

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Thanks @Jerod_Hillard! Absolutely, I think that’s a very good idea. I created a task for our product team so they can consider this option and all feedback in this thread when planning new updates.

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