Clients getting too much Asana spam/tutorials

I signed my client up and my colleague/husband…he said he’s getting tons of emails from Asana now and I am embarrassed my client must be also. How do I turn these off?? No one needs tutorials other than the ones I send them.

Hi @Cheryl_Stash
The easiest way would be to go in the INBOX and selecting at the top :email notifications off.
This can also be accessible from the settings menu.
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Ok, is there any way to go in and do that on my client’s behalf? Otherwise I will just be sure to mention that on their initial invite email.

I went in and looked at the notifications I can turn off, but I don’t see a way of turning the “Daily Tips” “Skip Your Status Update Meeting” “Keep Campaigns On Track” off, maybe cuz I am using the free version so my clients are on as Team Members?

You can also turn off the weekly request to update project status in the status tab, beside the list or calendar view.

One important thing to reduce email notifications is to uncheck the box if notifying new member when you add them to a project, unless it is mandatory for them to be aware that a new task has been added.
To revoke this for each user, go on the project member list (on the top right, where you can see the face in circle), then select “Manage members notifications”.
You will be able to uncheck the “Task added”. That should make difference.

And to answer you question about the other email notifications, you are right that your client needs to do it themself. But be cautious because if you remove all of the notification for task update or when you ask them a question using the “@” they will have no idea that you are waiting on them, except if they go in Asana daily and review their inbox…

I guess I am trying to turn off the team member tutorial emails like:
Subject: Subject: How to confidently lead your next meeting