Client names all listed as individual projects??

I know that I can manually create a new project and title however I choose. In my case I would like to have all of my individual client names as projects, with the ability then to assign/complete tasks under each one. Further, I would like to import my list of client names into Asan, rather than manually creating a project for each one. Make sense?? Can I do it??

What I can suggest is to create a “Team” for each customer. In that way you have each Customer separated by “Team” which is simply a separate group. If you keep these teams open you are able to access all of them with no special invitation. Then you can create projects within each “Team = Customer group” and have it organized in this way. Regarding the importing of your customers I am not sure if you have them in excel file or how you have them listed.

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I apologize in advance, but I’m a fairly novice Asana user! I’m not quite sure how to create Teams. To answer your second question, I have a database in .csv format, with names, addresses, etc…

I have since converted my workspace to an Organization, and I see the ability to add Teams as you previously mentioned. I am still curious though as to my ability to import a list of names to create my projects, rather than manually adding one at a time.

Hi @hmcgee

Have a look at this guide article which gives details of how the CSV importer works.

I haven’t used it before but I believe the idea behind it is to allow you to create a project and import all the associated tasks for that project. Rather than use the CSV to create a number of blank projects with just the project name.

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You could probably use, which has actions including Create Project and Create Team to take a list of client names, maybe using Google Sheets or something as the Trigger. Otherwise you’d have to use the Asana API in a custom app to do so (Certified Pros are available to write this).

The Asana Importer imports tasks to existing projects; it won’t create projects or teams.

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How do we go about writing a custom app as you mentioned?

@hmcgee, If you’re doing it yourself you can start at or if you’re looking for someone, @Bastien_Siebman at is active here and a good choice.