Client accounts / privacy options for projects, tasks, and comments

We have some clients and our development team both in Asana. We don’t want to expose our entire team to our clients, and vice-vera. A lot of tasks and comments also don’t make sense to expose to our clients. So we end up with developer focused projects, and client focused projects. We end up having to do a lot of duplication of tasks, jumping back and forth, multiple tasks to complete, etc.

  • What would be AWESOME would be the ability to assign an user a “external only” or “internal only” status.
  • Each project, task, and comment would have a toggle to make it “external” with the default state being “internal”.
  • If a project is external, the default states would cascade to tasks and comments
  • Similarly if a task is external, cascade to comments
  • Users with external status would only be able to see external projects, tasks, and comments.
  • External content created by users with “internal only” status would be anonymous to external users, and they wouldn’t show up as collaborators.

With this setup, we could have all developers and clients in the same project, receive tasks from clients, discuss internally on the same task, ask client a question on the same task, have all developers see clients comment, discuss internally, respond and assign to client. Client would only see and receive notifications for applicable questions / comments, and only users (PM or lead developer) who are client-interfacing would show their personally identifiable info to the client.


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