Client access to projects/tasks



I wholeheartedly agree with this feature. It would be hugely beneficial to allow clients to see a project, especially in Timeline view, but only allow them to look at it and nothing more. Otherwise they might totally wreck it by changing due dates and whatnot, thinking they’re being helpful.


I’m currently evaluating the premium edition and found this while browsing around for a solution to stopping guests from creating projects, deleting tasks etc

Now I see that’s not possible I will have to look at alternatives.


Dear Asana,

This is the solution:

This should be a feature:

on the user screen (or user type screen - which doesn’t exist yet - but keep reading :),

there should an option for “all users can see this user’s comments” - for developers, creative and other non client facing agency employees - the option would be “no” - for "account managers, the answer would be “yes” and for clients, the answer would be “yes” - this would remove all internal comments from a clients view when they log in… it’s honestly a simple piece of meta data that can be applied globally.

a “client” would not be able to:
-delete tasks
-change due dates
-add projects to a task
-add tags to a task
-do other random “client stuff” lolz

I’ve been using Asana since 2012 and I’m basically positive this is “close” to the right solution… I’m sure there are some features I’m missing… but in the Admin of the Org, we should be able to set up “user types” and then segment individual users into one of these “user types”

Pro Tip: This is also a great lead gen tool for asana. If more agencies added their clients to internal asana projects… more clients would stop using spreadsheets and email for project management and they’d probably sign up for a free account. (yes, I’m a marketer… but I’m obv. trying to sell this hard :joy: