Clickable Asana Project/Task Hyperlink in Excel



Hello! This is a request for a tip or trick, please. We track our sales pipeline at a high level in Excel where we associate revenue, priority, etc. We then track the detail of these leads (specific projects, follow-ups, conversations, meetings, etc.) in Asana. Our goal is to have the ability to open our Asana projects and/or tasks from the high level Excel workbook so the owner and others can easily dig into activity and progress being made on any given lead.

I can add the Asana project URL to Excel easy enough, however, receive the following error message when clicking on the link: “Unable to open path location. Cannot download the information you requested.”

Has anyone done this or have a suggestion for how we might be able to accomplish this?

Thank you!


I tried your scenario and I get the same response. Here’s a possible fix:


Thank you so much, Stephanie!! I ran the Easy Fix installer and all is working perfectly! Appreciate your help!


Hi/ I’m facing the same problem. I tried your fix bit it doesn’t help ;-(
I’m using word 2016 + asana premium.