Clean up completed tasks



We use a single Sprint project for doing our weekly planning and check things off over the course of the week. When we start our sprint, we like to look back at the last week’s sprint to see what we committed to and what we did and didn’t get done. Unfortunately, since we use the same Sprint project every week, I can’t figure out the best way to do this, since the “show all tasks” view shows all tasks since the project was created. Is there a way for me to clean up the “completed” tasks in this project so that I can see only the subset of “all tasks” that I want to see? I’m happy to do it manually, but I can’t see any “Archive Task” option and I’m curious how other people handle it.


When this is needed, I simply create an ARCHIVE project and do periodic bulk moves of completed tasks to the ARCHIVE project. Effective yet cumbersome.


Two other ideas:

  1. You could also try to use a search report to help (like tasks completed in the last 2 weeks, or tasks modified in the last 2 weeks).

  2. You could use a Custom Field for a Status, so that you’re only looking for tasks that are “In Progress” or “Completed” but not “Archived”, for example.

Todd Cavanaugh
Training & Consulting for Asana