Chrome Extension - Add Due Time and Sections

On the Chrome extension, is it possible to add a Due Time (not just Date), as well as a Section in addition to a Project? Would be very helpful and prevent the need to edit the task in Asana after creating it via the Chrome Extension.

Hey @David_Shalev, thank you for this great question!

As of now, you can perform the following actions via the Chrome Extension:

  • Search for existing tasks in Asana
  • Select which Workspace or Organization to create the task
  • Assign the task
  • Add the task to a project
  • Add a task name
  • Enter a task description
  • Add a due date
  • Paste the current page’s URL into the task description
  • Edit the values of a project’s existing custom fields
  • Once you’re finished, click Create Task

As the actions you would like to perform are currently not available I have moved your thread into the #productfeedback category which will allow other Members of the Community Forum to vote for it. I hope this helps!

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