Checklist in task cards

Yes I need this too!!! Please and make sure it has the % complete update on the front of the card

I keep my sub-tasks in an Excel Workbook. Each Worksheet contains a different set of subtasks. If I copy a range and paste it into a blank sub-task, it will create an additional sub-task for each row from Excel.
Not perfect since it still is a lot of work, but at least a lot less typing. Still have to manually assign and set due date.

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My team has recently migrated to Asana from Trello. The ability to create a checklist within a task is definitely one of the things we miss. I hope this feature is rolled out soon.

Nearly everything about Asana makes me want to switch from Trello, but without the ability to put a checklist as part of a task it’s nearly useless for my application. Every single task for my application has a templated or unique checklist associated with it. Please add this feature so I can actually switch to this platform!

Please add checklists to tasks. People are requesting this fro a long time now.

Particularly for template tasks it would be a huge help to have predefined checklists to keep consistency in our work.


I would also like to express my need for checklists!

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Would be nice to have checklists.

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+1 for checklists! love the Trello variant, and it kills me not to find a similar feature in Asana

Two years Asana… this has been requested for more than two years.
One can still hope…

I vote for checklists aswell. I’m wondering about going back to Trello as I miss them so much


We also need checklists, please add this Asana team.


Considering this was first asked in 2018, and it’s now 2021… I have a feeling they are not going to add this and have no plans to add it. I was really hoping I could drop Trello because Atlassian is doing a terrible job dealing with universal accounts between their sites. A checklist is a huge feature to be missing from Asana, and sadly making it a poor alternative. *sigh

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Yeah 2018 - 2021 with no movement means you wont get it. That’s a shame since Asana is superior to Trello in a LOT of ways and offers many more features. Trello is prettier, has checklists, and allows you to assign a card to multiple users. Those last two are a big deal for me.

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I also back this up. ClickUp is a much more complete tool than Asana! I’m stuck with Asana because of all my team structure but can we expect checklists soon?

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Yep +1

I would like to propose this be unmarked as “solved.” This is marked as a solution, but it’s not actually a solution to the original question. This is also pretty clear from all of the responses and thread views over several years…subtasks and checklists are simply different features.


yes to checklists, they would be immensely helpful

Hi everyone! We have recently implemented Multi-Select custom fields → New Custom Field Type! Use Multi-select to evolve how your team tracks work. With this new custom field type, you can create a single field that allows you to select multiple options, similar to a checklist! If this is still not the feature you are requesting, I recommend you creating a request in our #productfeedback category with more details on how this would be different from multi-select custom fields and your use cases! Thank you!