Check out Asana’s new feature! Boards



Today Asana announced a new feature called Boards! Be sure to read the blog post about Boards here. :smiley:

Key blog snippets to get you excited:

Today we’re starting to roll out our first version of Boards, giving you another way to plan, prioritize, and track anything you’re working on, any way you want.

With this initial version of Boards, visual thinkers can now organize and track their work from within Asana. Asana boards offer the simplicity of moving sticky notes across a white board, with the power of our full, integrated work tracking system, including advanced project management functionality and collaboration across projects…With Boards, teams can now manage even more types of work organized in even more ways. Teams can create boards to track work through multiple stages, like the classic kanban board with columns for “Ready to do”, “In progress”, and “Done.”

We’re excited about this first version of Boards, but we’re not stopping here. We have more work to do in order to provide the best possible board experience, and we will continue to build out more boards functionality over the next several months. In the meantime, go create a board, and let us know what you think in the comments.

So, what do YOU think about Boards?


This is a great feature! How do you add the colors to the cards on the board? I tried custom fields, but it’s not showing up. Is there another way? Thanks!


Wow, my son and I were talking this weekend and he said, I am trying Asana but I am use to looking at things in a horizontal view. And low and behold Asana does it. will be interested to see drag and drop capabilities. Keep up the good work.


Great feature guys! This is definitely going to solve the argument of “do I use Trello or Asana”. I’ve gone ahead and set up a “Priorities” board with columns for Planning, In Progress and Complete. Should be a nice way of restricting how much I work on at once. Excited to continue playing and find other cool uses for boards.


Hooray to all!

@kbuchanio I think you’re referring to the colors that represent tags and projects. Try fiddling with adding a “card” to a project or tagging the card and see if that helps. Also take a look at the Guide article and video product tour.


Awesome… Was just trying to work out how I can show the work that needs to be done leading up to an Inception Workshop with my 2 business owners and Asana just solved it… Was going to use Confluence/Jira but this is much easier…


this is great, esp for those in my team who need to see things laid out. Good for agendas too.


next let’s revisit the Vertical structure, but create a “Funnel-like” diagram to show visually how things like a marketing or sales funnel shrinks as you move them from step to step, like an upside down pyramid, etc…


Do you know how long it will be before Boards are available to everyone?


@Christopher_Love it should be available. Note that it is only available on New Projects? You can’t convert a list project to a board project…


@Jason_Woods I took this screenshot just now - do you know if there’s something I need to do to switch it on


Hi @Christopher_Love ! We’re starting to roll out our first version of Boards in Asana. A gradual roll out means that at first some users won’t have access yet. The logic for this is: gradually rolling out the feature ensures a smooth experience for users because it allows us to catch bugs and fix them early before they impact everyone. It also allows us to measure the effects of the feature to make sure we’re moving in the right direction.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your patience! The good news is, when you do see Boards, it will be more mature and even easier to use.


hi @Alexis thanks for letting me know - we do dark launching too so I get that. I’ve been checking daily to see if we’ve got Boards yet - what’s a realistic frequency I should check? weekly? monthly? thanks!


@Christopher_Love Thanks for understanding! While I don’t have an exact timeline, I’d say it would make sense to check weekly. Although, how regularly do you use Asana? If you’re in Asana on a daily basis (more or less), it should be obvious when you have the option to create a Board.


@Alexis OK cool thanks. We use Asana at least every hour (we have drunk ALL the Kool-Aid :slight_smile: but we don’t create new projects every day. I’m holding off on adding some projects because I know I want them to be Boards and I know you can’t change a list project to a board project. The minute I see that delectable option appear on the add project form I’ll be off and racing :slight_smile:


Woohoo! That’s great @Christopher_Love ! Lol I know the Kool Aid you speak of quite well :tongue: :smiley:


I would have expected more posts here.
Well, we are company with around 60 employees. Our Operations Team uses Asana, while all other departments rely on Trello.
Now, with the release of boards a few heads turned, but a switch has not (yet) been considered.

Basically, because Trello is (still) way faster than Asana.
I also think it would help if Asana added some specific features. You are probably working on this.
What comes to my mind:

  • Depending on users preference a project can be viewed as a list or as a board
  • Cards are hidden when checked off
  • The third/task details pane is used (maybe only on wide screens or when the left pane is hidden or just optionally)
  • Tasks can be marked as done not needing to open the details view
  • Asana typical sorting filtering is possible
  • and so on…

As I am part of the Operations Team, I am hoping we get all departments to join Asana :wink:


@Hendrik That is a great post especially as you are a shop that uses both. It would seem to me that it will be easier now for Asana to integrate many of the Trello features but might be a little harder for Trello to integrate all of the Asana features. If I owned Trello I might be a little concerned as I know they were trying to have 20 million users by the end of 2016. I wish we new how many Asana users exist.


@Hendrik thank you for your comments. Fortunately, speed of performance is something the team is diligently working on these days.

Yours is the type of feedback our team values as they work to iterate on Boards. I like how Devon states the process on our blog:

We’re excited about this first version of Boards, but we’re not stopping here. We have more work to do in order to provide the best possible board experience, and we will continue to build out more boards functionality over the next several months.

Hopefully as we build out more boards functionality your team will consider (and implement) the switch :wink:


I would like to know if there is any plans to integrate templates with the Boards view? For example we use boards for simple processes like Purchase Requests, Maintenance Requests, Production Tracking at a high level and so on. It would be nice to be able to set it so whenever you add a new item created under a column/header on the board that a pre-populated task (template) with all of the applicable subtasks/description/custom fields is generated.

Please advise if this is something you could see realistically becoming an option.

(I realize you can copy tasks, but this isn’t easy for the less computer literate and we are only as strong as our weakest links)