Check-list before start of the vacation

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I need your advice. To book vacation we create task with duration of absence (from date…to date). Is there any way to send assignee check-list of actions 3 days before vacation start. As I understand it’s impossible to create automation for task’s start date. How would you realize this process?

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Hi @Мария_Чекмарева, great question!

I would suggest using the “Add a comment” Rule :slight_smile: In this comment, you can include the checklist, or if you are using tasks as the checklist, you can use the comment rule to remind yourself to add a link to the task. For example, “OOO is approaching - link to checklist” :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2021-08-19 at 09.52.26

I hope this helps!

Hi Rebecca,

The problem is that we need to send check-list before the START of vacation - not FINISH. Due date in automation is date of task’s finish.
Duration of vacations differs from 1 day to 1 month - so I can’t use any standard quantity of days for automation.

@Мария_Чекмарева This is a great question.
Even though the build-in Asana Rules does not yet work with start dates, you can use Flowsana as a workaround because as you can see in the picture below a start date can be used as the trigger:


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