Changing project from list view to board view



We’ve just moved over to Asana from Trello. List view works for us. Not a problem in which view we use.
As long as the checklist can be ticked off and the jobs are done, I’m not too fussed about which view we work in.


This is not currently possible. You can see some of the differences between Boards and Lists in this article: Boards vs. Lists (and why you should choose List if in doubt!)

Todd Cavanaugh
Asana Consultant


I agree that this is an extremely important feature. It’s very difficult to accommodate different project management styles within a team without the ability to switch between Board and List Views. This is something that’s been coming up on the Asana forum for over a year, but I’m still not aware of any updates on this feature’s release.

My team is considering moving over to either Jira or ClickUp, as both of these platforms have more diverse viewing options.

Please keep us updated on when this feature is implemented in Asana!


This worked as a work-around for me:

Create a new project in board view. Multi-select all of the tasks within the project that you want to switch from List to Board. [Add to project] and select the new Board project you just created.


I don’t understand why Asana hasn’t considered implementing the ability to switch between List and Board Views. I find the structure of both views useful depending on the project I’m working on, but it would be so helpful if I could get a different visual perspective on my workflow simply by toggling between them. Ideally, a workaround shouldn’t be required.

Although the technical interface can be difficult to navigate, I do like the way Jira has this feature set up. My team really likes ClickUp as well (you can switch between three different views at any time).

I’d really like to keep working with Asana, but I’m tempted to move on if they don’t add a view-switching capability.


David, This seems like a good option. Does it work to add tasks from multiple projects?

I’m trying to juggle/manage all my tasks that cover a wide range from project work to new biz to company management. I was using Todoist and Kanbanist to get it all in a board with labels. Looking for a solution.

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Echoing David’s point:

List to Boards Workaround: While in a project with a list view, multi-select a few tasks and multi-home them into a separate Boards project.

Boards to List Workaround: Create an “Advanced Search” for tasks that live within a specific Boards Project -> return your query in a list view -> multi-select those task and multi-home them into a List Project.


@Shir_Ekerling - this might be a potential option from @Bastien_Siebman


Yes, we would!


I agree here 100%!


Need, need, NEED the ability to view Board Projects as a list.

I’ve seen this was on the interest list more than a year ago. Is there a timeline on this feature?


Yes it is not comprehensibly why asana is not setting up this feature although it is an game changer in modern project management. Different needs need different visual accespoints. Other pm tools did implement this long time ago. eg getflow or teamworkproject or clickup, but unfortunately all those tools lacks in different other things, in which I really love asana. But the way asana is communicating this topic is absolutely not understandable. They say nothing more than “we hear you” since over a year, but if you hear us asana, please be es respectfull with our concerns and also tell us your thoughts to that topic. What does it mean you hear us? half a year, two year, never until releasing this Feature? and what are your thoughts to that topic? You tell us what is the vision for the next decade but say nothing to the steps in the near front. That is really a shame.


gads, this drives me mad. There is no real warning that this is a one way view change and it breaks very pattern known to basic project management. Board view is nice, but make it switchable already. Thanks.


This worked perfectly.


Hi! Whats the quickest and easiest way to switch the view of an existing project from list to board view? I saw some other comments on this but they were a little confusing and talking about going from board to list!


Hi @Heather_Yurko, they were probably a little confusing because people have mostly invented workarounds for doing this. Asana doesn’t have a way to automatically change them.

I think most people probably begin investigating this when the realize the project choice they made doesn’t have a feature they’d like from the other type. I recall most the workaround require both types of projects be created for a single actual project and then managing the tasks in both projects.

My team has adopted norms for when we create one project vs another.


Hi @Heather_Yurko; @RyanE is right, as it stands, we don’t have a feature allowing you to switch between List and Boards, although this is definitely something we’re looking into. In the meantime, here is the best workaround to tun a List project into a Board:

  1. Create a Board project (
  2. Head to the List project you have initially created
  3. Using the Multi-select function (, select all the project tasks
  4. Add all these tasks to your new Board project using the multi-home function (

Hope this helps!

Ps: Merging your post with the main thread to avoid having too many duplicates on the Community Forum!

Calendar View vs List View

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!!!


Hey Guys,

Really appreciate the responsiveness of the team on this issue. I would point out though that it seems to be a feature that has been requested for nearly two years now.

As a developer, I know that if you have structured your views properly it should not be too difficult to implement. No need to rebind to another view, make another layer that can enable toggling of views.



Also that workaround doesn’t account for sections that have been made. Each section i.e. " Section 1: " of a list should create a new column.

All this and more should be easy pickings.