Changing project from list view to board view

Thanks for the reply. I’m a coder going back 30 years. I understand it’s not trivial to execute. I was referring more to how straightforward the goal is here. I had assumed there was an underlying reason it wasn’t just a UI revamp otherwise it wouldn’t have been two years. What has been discouraging is the “we’re looking at it and not sure if it’s something we want to do” offial line until just very recently. Again - thanks for the update. I hope we see this soon.

We were hoping to switch from Smartsheet to Asana, but we have users that have become accustomed to view projects as lists and as a board. I wish you had this too.

Hi @Rob_Kennedy and thanks for reaching out! We’re currently working on implementing this feature; I’ll make sure to let you know on this thread when we do! Have a great Monday!


Yes, I would greatly appreciate this feature also! Please let us know when it is rolled out. You deliver a wonderful product.

Please do! We are all waiting to see this happen!

Thanks for following up after all the active discussions over the past two years. One question I saw the team asking a few times was why users would want this but didn’t see many responses. Hopefully this helps.

My team (15+ people) creates a new board for each sprint so that we have historical tracking (e.g. how many sprints has this task been on, have we ever deprioritized it and put it back on the backlog and then brought it back)… The board / kanban view is great for people to view their own workflow for each sprint or go through the current status for a few different people. When sitting together as a team and going through sprint recaps or planning, it helps to view it as a list grouped by person. This makes it easier to go around the room and get a high level overview of what everyone has been working on for the sprint. Both views are valid in different scenarios (individual work versus group discussions).

Looking forward to seeing this feature rolled out soon.

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Yes, when are they going to add this? :slight_smile:

Yes @Alex_Panagis, this is something our Team is currently working on!

I don’t know why Asana team is ignoring this feature request for so long. It’s a basic feature.

Really? not a solution? -_-

HI @Michael_Yang and @leon2,

We’re actively working on implementing this feature, and we’re planning to launch very soon!

Keep an eye on #community-forum-announcements for the latest news!


I would love to use this option very soon, too. Preferably the other way around: from board to list view - or even toggle between the two?

Hi @Katja_Armknecht and welcome to the Forum!

Once we roll this feature out, you will be able to switch both ways, from List to Boards and from Boards to List :slight_smile:


Hi Marie! How are you?

Do you have an ETA on the release of this new feature? I know it’s gotten a lot of attention and conversations going back 1+ years.


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I don’t have a precise date to share just yet, but we’ve never been that close! Keep an eye on the #community-forum-announcements category to be sure bot to miss this update :slight_smile:

Do you have an update on switching views between lists and board?

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Yep, see this post:

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same question!

Closing this thread since changing from list view to board view is now available for every project in Asana! :raised_hands:t5:

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