Changing Organisation Domain

Hiya so I have an account which is listed with my old business domain, we have no changed our domain, but this whole account i have under a number of differnt projects so I can’t just deactivate. How might I do this?

You should probably reach out to support for this matter.

Go to, into “Having Trouble With” and then below you will find a “Still can’t find an answer” button.

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I have tried to get in touch with the Asana Support Team several times and I am still waiting for their reply. This is getting frustrating since my organization has already started working with the new domain and new team members cannot access our Asana board. Any help?

Hi @Isa and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

I’ve just liaised with our support team who confirmed they have received your email and will be in touch as soon as possible to assist you! Please note that our Team prioritise Premium support which might explain why it’s taking them a little longer to reply to you.

In the meantime and to help facilitate this change, I would recommend to the new team members to add the new email address by following the directions on our guide that explains how to add a new email address to your Asana account . After that, the Support Team would help you to make the corresponding changes to your Organization.

Thanks for your patience and for reaching out in the Forum; if there is anything else I can help with, please let me know!

That´s what we have tried but unfortunately the current team members cannot add the new email to their account neither. Please find the attached screenshot.
Whenever she tries to add the new email xx@xxx to the account she’s had, an error ocurrs and nothing happens. Also new members cannot start working on the dashboard that we have in common.


I’m sorry to hear you are running into trouble @Isa.

When is the error occurring? Is your colleague able to enter the email address and password? Is she able to click on the “Send Email Verification” button?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Natalia,
The error occurrs when she tries to add the new email address. When she clicks on the button, nothing happens.
By the way, still waiting for your support team to reach out.
In the meantime, we’re stuck and not able to work together on the board… I am afraid that if we do not solve this soon, we might need to transition to use other tools. We’d very much appreciate your support.

Many thanks,

So sorry for the late reply here @Isa

I could confirmed with our Support Team that they were in touch with you yesterday regarding this issue.

I hope this issue gets resolve soon! Please, let me know if there is anything else I can help you with! Have a nice weekend!