Changing Email for Organisation and Premium Account Issue


I have a premium account with asana and want to change my email address for the organisation as we have new domain names. I’ve tried to add the new email in my settings but after clicking send verification email I get nothing - the first time I tried to do it I did get an email but when I clicked on the link it said it was unable to verify and to try again. I have now tried to reset around 10 times and wasted hours. I am working on a really tight deadline so would appreciate any help! I also thought with a premium account that I would get prioritised support… is that right? is there a helpdesk we can call? I’m on such a tight deadline to move everyone over so appreciate any help!


Hi Sharna,

best is you write to

I am pretty sure you did, but did you check your spam folder?


Hi thanks for your response - not in spam unfortunately and I’ve emailed customer service but it usually takes a day or two to get a reply and I’m under the pump to do it today! I will keep trying


OK so I figured it out! I removed the email (even though I couldnt see it there) and then re-added and it worked!


Great that you were persistent :slight_smile:

And welcome to the Asana Community, I hope the next postings will have a better background :slight_smile:


Hi folks! For future reference the best way to reach Asana support is to contact them here:


The link to this contact form no longer works


Try this…click on Email Us :slight_smile:


I’m having the same issue with this. I LOVE asana and its been fab for our business, but I@ve just spent £600 quid and I can’t change my email to my new organization. Its embarrassing to have an old company email associated with my new organization. Help please!

I’ve follwed all instructions, checked spam, emailed customer support.

Really frustrating.


Also, it won’t let me remove my existing email!


Hi @Anna_Marsden - Our support team will be happy to help you with any email changes you’re working on. Feel free to reach them at :slight_smile:


I’m with the same problem and cannot find a way to send an email to get help. The link that you mentioned do not show an Email Us link to me.


Hi @Bruno_Possidonio! I’m happy to help. Visit Click “I’m having trouble with” and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Let’s chat.”


Thanks, they are on it.


I just joined as premium and emailed support. naturally in a different timezone, and disheartened to see in this thread it can take a day or two for a response. A little concerning a few people have had this same issue which is a simple UX adjustment surely?

Right now drifting until this is resolved. Emailed support. cannot see a “lets Chat” option, only let’s talk which goes back to the email form…

If anyone can help would be much appreciated :slight_smile: