Changing Dependencies in Timeline View

Support notes indicate I should be able to un-link dependencies by clicking an ‘x’ on rollover.

On this page:
Asana Tip: To remove a dependency, hover over an existing indication banner and click the X symbol that appears.

I see a pop-up but no ‘x’ to delete or allow re-assignment.

Browser - Safari on Mac current version 12.0.3


Hi @Nevin_Grieve and thanks for reaching out!

Just to confirm, are you referring to this Asana tips?

Unfortunately this feature is not available via the Timeline, but inly via the task details pane. Make sure to hover your mouse toward the right in order to see the little “x” allowing you to remove the dependency!

Hope this helps! Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Marie - yes that’s the tip I had seen. Would be very useful to also add this feature to the timeline view, particularly if you are managing dependencies from there. So can I clear all dependencies in some way as I now have many new tasks inserted that need to be re-joined up differently?

Thanks for the quick follow-up @Nevin_Grieve;

I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to the #productfeedback to allow you and other users to vote for this feature to be considered and potentially implemented. In the meantime, you will need to remove all your dependencies via the tasks themselves. If you’re working from your Timeline view, remember that you can open task details just by clicking on the task itself.

Hope this helps!