Changing Asana board view to a list view and show sub tasks in one view

We have created an Asana project which has the board view by default. However, we have tasks and subtasks assigned to people which we want to see in one list view . The list view we want to show is task name or title, sub task name, status, assigned to in one view . Since we have the board view as default, we only see the tasks and are unable to see the sub tasks assigned to folks. How do we change our project default view from board to list and make it easy for users?

Hi @Buyan_Thyagarajan_P and welcome to the forum!

The ability to switch from board to list view (or vice versa) is not currently available in Asana but will be available very, very soon! See Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa) for more information.

Also note that when you are in list view, you won’t see subtasks in the main task list by default - in order to have them show in the task list, you’ll need to attach them to the project. See for more information.