Changes in API Properties for most of the objects

I found some changes for Asana for all objects - as the old properties in the documentation can be seen as updated.

For e.g. ‘Projects’ object -
Old Properties ==>owner-id, owner, workspace-id, workspace, team-id, team, nextPageToken

New Properties==> owner, workspace, team

e.g. ‘Attachments’ object →
Old properties==> gid, created_at, download_url,h ost, name, parent, view_url, permanent_url, task-id, content, contentType, nextPageToken

New ==> gid,created_at,download_url,host,name,parent,view_url,permanent_url

Can I please get the link for release note or any notice talking about this change?

Hi @Abhijit_Shete,

I don’t think there have been any API changes like you’re describing.

There were never project properties like this; you always had to reference them like, '`, etc.

Where did you use properties like owner-id and workspace-id? Some integration tool, perhaps?