Change view order of "Ask a question post an update" in tasks to newest first

Would like to make a request to be able to see newest task questions or updates inside of task rather than the oldest ones first.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Joseph_Simons.

I believe your request is very similar the following one: Sort Tasks by Recently Updated (Last Modified) or by Create Date

Would you mind if I merge your post with it to consolidate ideas and votes? Thank you!

Please. Thank you very much.

@Joseph_Simons , I thought you were talking about the order of Comments (currently oldest first) within a Task.

@Natalia is talking about the order of Tasks within a Search.

Both are important topics, but clearly different.

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Try this thread: Reverse the order of comments - #13 by Paolo_Sommariva

And mods, I recommend we close this thread for comments and redirect people to the thread immediately above, to avoid diluting votes. (As I type this, I realize it hardly matters whether we amass 10,000 votes on a bug fix, or not. :-/ )