Change View of Files to List

Is it possible to change the view of uploaded files in an project in order to see which files where most recently uploaded?

Hello and welcome to the forum! :wave: At this point in time there is no way to reorder files that have been uploaded within a task or a project. I can see how that might be helpful though. Or at least a time stamp that the files were uploaded in the project. One work around is to use a link to files rather than uploading the file so it points to the location of the files on a drive where you access the most recent file. Within the tasks the files default to the order oldest to newest and there is a record in the comment section on when files are uploaded. You would need to go to the task that the files are in though, rather than the project files.

Feel free to vote on more features for the file folder File folder and view options


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Hi Katie, Thank you for your quick and detailed reply.
Too bad, that this is not possible. I will vote for this feature and see if the feature will be available at a later time.

Best wishes