Change to API makes Toggl integration worse

Prior to the July 15, 2019 change to the API, you could start your toggl time within Asana and it would populate the project and task. Now you have to choose the task from a list (very slow) even though you are in the Asana project you want to book your time against. Given that we have over 200 projects running in any month, this has really slowed our efficiency and introduced error by accidentally selecting the wrong product. We analyze our profitability via Toggl time and Asana and this API change is impacting our business processes in a very detrimental way. Can you return the project sync function?

The lack of ability to sync Toggl and Asana is significantly reducing my productivity and the productivity of my colleagues. I’d urge Asana to put back in the sync to Toggl.

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This is taking valuable production time away from having to go back and type in all the projects manually. Please bring it back.

What was this specific change to the API that broke things for Toggl? Do you know?

I thought I had configured something wrong but no, it’s a known issue :sleepy:

Any ideas on how Toggl and Asana can work better together, also looking for a way to sync the estimated hours, these seem completely separate and do not sync or even pull over when created

Failing that, does anyone know of a time-tracking tool that works very well and has tagging? We’re using harvest, switching to Toggl for the tagging but if it’s not working well then I’m open to other tools.

Tried everhour, which looks like the best but it doesn’t have tagging

Is there an integration actually? I can’t get it to work no matter what I do. No timer option shows up with the Toggl integration turned on and doing something in Toggl doesn’t do anything in Asana. Is it a paid feature? Is there a secret option hidden in one of the many submenus? Is there an extra secret step to be performed? All I can see is that Harvest is tightly integrated into Asana and maybe the other integrations are broken because that’s what they want us to use instead.