Change time of notifcation e-mails


I think it would be a good idea if users could specify the time of day that they receive e-mail notifications (e.g. of due tasks). I like the notifications, but I don’t like my phone beeping at 05:00 (UK time)!


Hi @Peter_Fraser

I admit one of the things I like more about Asana is that I literally killed emails. 99% of the communication I have is on Asana, and being always open, it is easier for me to look at the “Inbox” in Asana more than relying on my emails.
I shut down all the email notifications, as everything you are notified about goes in Asana. When I wake up, I simply look at My Tasks and Inbox and I like a happy email-free life! :slight_smile:

PS: I know I am not solving your issue, I just like to give a possible different approach! :smiley:

Cheerio from London


That would be beneficial, I recommend voting for the suggestion at the top of the thread!

As perhaps a workaround, you can snooze the inbox for an hour and keep clicking it until it snoozes for a set amount of time (say, when you’re at work next) then the inbox goes off snooze and it populates all the missed notifications.

It’s in the my profile settings -> hacks area.

I don’t use it, but in one my trainings I was showing it and ended up hiding the inbox for like 28 hours trying to turn it off so it’s burned into my brain lol


I agree with @carlo moving to Asana Inbox was a game changer for me