Change the primary email on my account



I think I set up my initial Asana account with the email A. Since then, I’ve joined an organization with the email B. I’ve transferred ownership of email A to Friend X, as he now needs access to those workspaces. (Friend X has another primary account) I need to retain access to my workspaces from email B, which should now be my primary email. How do I do this?

I’ve tried leaving the workspaces that email A was invited to, but when Friend X joins from an invite link, he has to reset his password to get in, and it looks like it’s the same account because I then have to reset the password for me to get into my email B workspaces.


Honestly this sounds like something support has to do, if you haven’t talked to them already. I’m fuzzy on how workspaces function as I’ve always used Asana in the Org functionality.

When you go to ‘My Profile Settings’ with email B account, under ‘account’ tab, does it list the Workspace location as something you’re part of? Same with email A.

Are you logging in with Google or an Asana account, what To/From email settings do you have, etc.

All this stuff should probably be worked out in Support as they can switch associated emails (I think).


Yep, I figured support would have to. They sent me an auto-response saying they’re backed up and to try here :frowning:

I see the email A workspaces, and when I leave them, Friend X rejoins with an invite, but then I see them again. My To/From email settings still show email A as an option.

I guess we have to wait until Support can get to us.