Change owner of account

Owner of account is leaving the company. How is the account ownership transferred to another team member?

Hi @Nelson_Correia and welcome to the Forum! In order to better answer your question, could you please reply to the two following questions:

Can you confirm if you’re using an Organisation or a Workspace?
Also, are you using the free or Premium/Business version of Asana?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hello Marie, I converted this Workspace to an Organization some time ago. It is the free version of Asana.

Thanks for the additional info @Nelson_Correia!

In free Organisations, there is no “owner” of the Org, everyone has the same access/power over the Organisation. Our Admin feature only comes with Premium/Business/Enterprise plans; you can learn more about this status in the following article:

Hope this helps but please let me know if you have additional questions!

Excellent. Thank you for clarifying.

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