Change non-working days in asana calendar

Would appreciate such a feature. :smiley:

It is actually surprising that this feature is missing. I am working in Israel, and this messes up the entire calendar. How can it be that in 2020 we still have to request this?!

Agreed, the workaround right now leaves room for errors and is too manual. Same for Time off. We had to create a placeholder type project for folks to enter, and when looking at workload can’t distinguish when my team is billable or not.

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This would be fantastic… otherwise I am writing on paper and asana isn’t efficient for us.


Seems like a needed feature for sure!

Agree too! Would be very useful to add a feature making it possible to skip a day in de week for colleagues who have a 4 days work week. When adding an indication for hours work available in a project, they do not come out properly in the portfolio overview. The hours the colleague is away - are now counted as well. Is it possible to add this feature? Is it on the agenda of the Asana team? Many thanks in advance

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I’ve just wasted a whole day looking at Clickup, Monday and Asana for this feature.

They all boast tons of bells and whistles but none have this really basic and essential feature!

How can you project manage properly when the software won’t let you put in days off?

It’s just bizzare! They are all broken because of this.

I have a clunky old Excel Gannt chart which does this - I’ll stick with that!

Has this been made a feature yet? Trying to plan projects but need to block out 2 weeks for Christmas - any tips?

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I’m currently testing Asana as our tool for marketing/design MGMT and very surprised to see this is an issue. If you can’t fix this, why should I become a paying customer?

This is a critical feature for people in the middle east where the weekend is Friday and Saturday

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I second this too. We are a startup and we have saturdays as working and Sunday is off. There is no way in asana to mark Sunday as off so obviously no task can be done on that day. If i schedule a task on Saturday for 2 days, it should automatically show Saturday and Monday (skipping Sunday). Now I gotta unnecessarily make this a 3 day task just so I can see it on Monday as well.
Feel like my money is getting wasted here.

I have the same issue, is this on a roadmap. Without this I can’t move to ASANA from simply remembering!

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I have just been brought on as a freelancer to roll out Asana to an agency that already bought it. I’m used to MS Project, and am shocked that Asana doesn’t allow you to skip over weekends as non-working time. It’s an absolute deal-breaker. My boss found a plug-in called Flowsana that allows for this-- does anyone use it?

This is important for professional project management software. The timeline view is about 8 days off per month across the entire team just by having weekends counted as working days. If I have 10 people on my project, that’s about 80 days of budgeted time out in a single month. This impacts both the delivery schedule AND project budget in a big way. For large projects spanning months, most PMs are trying to build a schedule out with nothing more than a task name, duration estimate, and dependencies. The ideal scenario for using the timeline view to visually plan is the PM sets the duration of a task, which sizes it, then move it around with Asana auto-scheduling the start and end date based on the estimated duration and where the PM drops it.

Such a basic feature tbh


FYI we just added a new rule trigger condition in our Flowsana integration that lets you identify when a task gets scheduled on a holiday or user’s time-off:

Is there any update to this feature? We have team members who work 2-4 days a week on a set schedule but cannot update their workload days. Needed feature for organizations who don’t have 5 day work weeks.