Change layout of my project



How can I change the layout of my project. I selected list but not I think it will be better to have it as a board layout. I can’t find how to change the layout.


I was wondering the same thing @Yvette_Fourie!!! I just ended up quitting on it because I think the reality is your can’t change it once it’s created? Hopefully tech support can clear this up for us.


Currently you create a new ‘board’ project and then move all your tasks into the new project. Or just add the new project as a second one to the tasks, and they will live in both projects. (2 views for the same tasks)


Ok that sounds fantastic! Thank you.


How do you copy a to do card and make sure all the comments are also copied? I just tried it now and none of the comments showed up.


@Victoria_Mejia-Dai in the workflow outlined above, the idea is to tether the tasks and/or board cards into a new project (rather than using the “copy task” feature). I suggest that you simply add your card to another project using the Tab+P shortcut and when you do that all comments will appear. Please let us know if you have follow up questions.


Thank you so much @alexis! This is EXACTLY what I wanted to do!
Thank you!


So glad I could help!


It’s to my great dismay that I notice about Asana Support their unwillingness to acknowledge problems with their interface or attempt to fix them, but instead simply give workarounds to complaining users to adjust to the problems and learn to live with it. I don’t know if I should ever pay for such a poorly maintained product.

@Alexis this is a bad solution. It would be a nightmare if I have a large project. I have to create two “projects” for that one project, and I have to make sure that every task is assigned to both projects. This is not scalable at all and it will quickly become a management nightmare. I would rather have a single project which I can switch between List view and Board view. And it should be fairly simple to do from a development perspective. The list view simply lists all the tasks that are on the board. Now that would be an excellent solution.


neat solution!
fwiw for those who, like me, were wondering how to add a project as a second one to tasks: click on the task title, and then hover around the task’s project name field until you see the pencil/’+’(add) button, then type in the name of the new project


I’ve done this, but task changes aren’t being tracked between boards (i.e moving tasks between sections in list view does not generate the same change in board view, despite sections & columns having the same name :frowning: )


I am having the same issue, trying to change from board layout to list layout. I am quiet surprised that Asana does not support such a basic function.


We definitely hear you @Mordy_Rubin. For more info on the status of this request, take a look at Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)


I hope you’re considering being able to base board columns on the value of a custom field, user, tag etc like Airtable does. It’s really easy to switch views (and save them!).

My ideal scenario would be the ability to limit certain task types to a board (such as production tasks) and have the rest (like admin tasks) in a list.


Really wish Asana would prioritize being able to toggle between views, as they said they’ve been “considering” for over a year. As someone weighing other PM softwares while they test out Asana, this is kind of a deal breaker for me.


any update on this toggle view requested by so many users?