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Someone in our org created a form and set it up to assign to particular people based on a dropdown selection. Well, that person has since left our org.
The email those people receives comes from “[Former employee] via Asana”. I’m guessing it comes from that person because they created the form(?). Because I don’t see a way to change the owner, I’m guessing the creator is automatically (and forever) the owner of the form (?) How can we change who that email comes “from”?

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Do you by any chance know which project they set the form up in?

You can then check the project and change the owner of it + make edits to the form.

In case you are unsure I suggest to check with the admin of your Asana team/organization they will be able to change settings as well :slight_smile:

You can even restore old team member accounts:

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Thanks for your reply! I thought the project owner was connected to the former owner so, I tried changing this before coming to this forum. I actually created the project and I still have access to it and can make edits to the form. The former employee created the form in that project. Yesterday, we changed the project owner and then completed a form submission. The email notification still came “from” the former employee. Even without a project owner assigned, the emails still come from the same person. So, it doesn’t appear that the form inherits ownership from the project.

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This is an interesting case. @Rebecca_McGrath @Emily_Roman, could you help with this one?

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