Change email subject line from "Assigned to you" to "Comment added"



I have a task assigned to me. When another user adds a comment on that task, Asana sends me an email. That email has a subject line beginning "Assigned to you: " … followed by the task name.

Could you update the system so that “Assigned to you” is only used in the subject line when the task assignment is updated to me? In the above scenario, a more appropriate description would be “Comment added: …” - otherwise, at a glance in my email inbox, it looks like I have a constant stream of new tasks being assigned to me that I have to investigate, but this is not the case.


Thanks for your feedback @chris.rehberg; hopefully this is something we can implement in the future :slight_smile:


I’ve seen this cause the same confusion.

But I believe the intent was for the reader to see - This Task is Assigned to you. You probably need to pay close attention.

As opposed to how you read it - This Task has just been Assigned to you.


I think the initial assignment email already makes the point “this task is assigned to you” and “you need to pay close attention”. By the time someone comments, I’m probably already familiar with the task - I may even already be expecting the comment and just need to know there was an update. I may even know I can review the update in my own time once it arrives. Put another way - I’m not likely to be receiving email notifications about comments on tasks that are not assigned to me. I find having “this task is assigned to you” in the subject line confuses the function of the subject line with tasks that are genuinely being assigned to me in that moment - de-valuing that function both for the currently commented task and for new task assignments which now disappear in a haze of regular task commentary.


@chris.rehberg, I see your frustration, but I’m afraid making the change you suggest would break something else: having a single email thread for the task.

Asana makes sure to not change the subject for all emails related to a task to ensure they will all appear in a single thread; that’s a constraint of mail apps, not Asana. (Unless the assignee changes.)

Emails related to tasks one follows only have the task’s title as the subject (not prefaced by “Assigned to you”).

I treat these email notifications as @Vince_Mustachio does. Of course, there’s also the Asana Inbox, and different strategies for use of email, Inbox, or both together in various ways.

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi


I see. I understand your rationale. I do not use conversation view within any email app. Therefore I guess you can take my change request as feedback from a user using a different email model than the one you have in mind. Perhaps we can hope for a world where email apps can utilise a smart tag in the subject line to link emails into a conversation - something like a unique identifier within square parentheses at the start of the subject. Then we could have “[Asana 12345] - Assigned to you - task description” and “[Asana 12345] - Comment added - task description” and support the best of all worlds. Cheers.