Change due date automatically

Lets say may due dato for a project is set to 10 December.
I have a task which was set for 8 December, but have been postponed to 12 December. How can I change autoamticaly the due date for the project from 10 December to 14 December, if possible?

Or do i need to change the due date myself everytime a due date for a project is later than originally?

Hi @Rune_Haarberg , unfortunately you currently need to update this manually.

However there is a new 3rd party plug-in called by @Bryan_TeamKickstart which can do this for you.

@Richard_Sather - great use case. Thanks for sharing the solution with Rune.

Hi @Rune_Haarberg - here’s a quick walkthrough of how to do what you are asking for.

And, you can use the free forever version to do this.

Let me know of any questions. Good luck!

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