Challenges assigning time from different timezones


If more people are working on asana in different timezones, assigning a time to a task can be challenging.

I use a virtual PA which assigns me some tasks that have a specific time; however, whenever she picks the time, it is her local time. She needs to convert the time to my specific timezone, which sometimes goes amiss.
Is there a better way for doing it? Is there a way of specifying the default timezone for a company?



Hi Carlo. Asana time zones are automatically set by your browser’s time zone. At this time a PA would not be able to set a task in your time zone, but our team has noted your feedback. My suggestion for now would be for your PA to set a task in your time zone, which she is already doing :slight_smile: so I think you have the right instincts on this one. To avoid confusion, I recommend that you also add the correct time to the description, so things are always clear. For example you could add this to the description: “9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST.”

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