Capturing information in Forms as a Pareto chart?

Good day all.

I’m somewhat new to the concept of Pareto charts, we are beginning to use them at our manufacturing facility to capture the number and types of errors made in the manufacturing process.

The may ways something can go wrong are rather bewildering. I was trying to put together a spreadsheet for my own department to start capturing this data and suddenly I realized that I really needed to put together a Branching Form for this.

If I were to use a Branching Form in Asana to track this, using single-select dropdown menus for the answer options, is there any way of capturing the data from Form submissions into anything resembling a Pareto chart?

We would need to be able to look at form submissions charted out on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis in order to see trends over time.

Hi @Matt5 .

Can you describe a bit more how you imagine to get a Pareto chart using branched forms?

I guess you expect to obtain a Pareto chart from a task list intended as a table. Probably this would be currently impossible through Asana reporting feature, as its chart don’t support moltiple Y axis, but could be done exporting the project.

Thak you :smile:

Yeah it’s a little tricky to describe what I’m picturing, and I tried to do a bulleted list but I cannot make heads or tails out of how the bullet points work in this forum, so I’ll try another way.

As I’m typing this, ideas are coming to mind about how this can work already.

So, essentially what I’m hoping to be able to do is to is have a few graphs in the Project Dashboard that will capture data specifically from Form Submissions. I suppose now that I type this, Custom Fields could capture some of this. But the reason I want to use a Form is because I need the people submitting the forms to be required to think through a few questions to select the appropriate Single-Select Box.

I think maybe now what I really need to do is just to go ahead and build the Form I want, and select certain Single Select Boxes linked to a custom field. I could then use those custom fields to produce the graphs I want.

I think I have this solved. I guess I just needed Matteo to prod me to think about the issue just a little more :grinning:

Having the ability to support multiple Y-Axes (or X-Axes) would be MAGNIFICENT here but also for other graphs I’ve wanted to do. I have a lot of Dashboard graphs that are “almost” the same data and the two graphs would fit nicely overlaid with each other. I’d use them in this Pareto chart as well but that’s not really a total roadblock for me.

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