Capturing delays in a project plan

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I have a project plan and a timeline view of the same. Some of the tasks have dependencies. I was wondering if there is a way to capture the actual delay if any of the tasks(and the dependent tasks) were delayed.

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What do you mean by “capture” the delay?

Hi @Chandana_Mutgi, while this isn’t possible right now, we do have a similar feature request here: Track the number of days a task has been in a section

I’d recommend upvoting this request and adding your use case in the comments :slight_smile:

Check out Instagantt, it can easily save and restore baselines (i.e. captures of project & task dates as they vary throughout length of project).

Hi @Bastien_Siebman, I want to be able to capture the number of days delayed for a task and it’s dependencies past the due date. Ex: Task was due March 31st 2022 but got moved to April 15th, I want to be able to see the task was delayed by 10 days(excluding weekends) in the Project plan.


It can only be done by reading the history of the task, not natively available in Asana (yet?)

@Stephanie_Oberg Thank you for the suggestion, I will check that out.

@Bastien_Siebman I see. Thank you! I am thinking of having another column with completed dates and I want to calculate the number of days delayed(with completed date and due date) workaround for this. Can I do that in Asana?

@Chandana_Mutgi not natively, you would have to rely on external help, like the service I created. Email me at to discuss your case!

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