Capturing Date Stamps on certain tasks, within a project

We have many projects, and need to capture the start date of a certain phase of it and the completion date of a certain phase of it. Today, if I export a project to csv, I only get the date the overall project started…not certain portions of it. How can I create a task within a project, that when started, will capture start date, and similiarly, a completion date? Thank you.

Hi @Aaron_Halonen , if you are on any paid plan, you will be able to add a start date to any task using the ‘Due date’ field which also incorporates a start date. Note, milestones only have a due date, not start date since they occur on a single day.

You could also create a task for each phase of your project in order to give you a high level view when building your timeline (again, available in Premium plan and above).

Is this what you were looking for?