Capture Payload for testing using requestbin/hookbin



I’m pretty novice in this area and want to know how to capture payload of request for testing purpose. Actually I’m writing an integration for Opensource project Zulip, and had created the integration but to test that we want the fixture data to test on. So, can anyone guide me how I can achieve this to get test fixture json data.


I don’t fully understand the question but maybe this can help: on the official API documentation you have an Explore tab with a tool to test the API


@Bastien_Siebman how to capture payload returned from post request?


In the Explorer you mean?


Yeah, In the exporer one can only make GET requests. Actually, we use requestbin/hookbin to capture/test/debug the response from the server after making POST or GET request. Exlorer is exactly what I need but it does only for GET request, but I’ve to test response for POST request as well.


Have a look at Postman, this is a Chrome extension that could do what you need.


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman, I’ve tried Postman’s client but it’s buggy for linux(atleast for me), but I’ll do this by curl. Thanks again, this community is great and supportive.