Can't view my teams tasks

Hi there,

We are getting very frustrated with Asana and spent most of the day yesterday trying to figure out how to view public team tasks across our team.

I run a charity in Australia and overseas and am trying to stay across our remote and overseas teams tasks online. They have made all of their tasks public and are all showing up in the team view on my Asana dashboard. Regardless of this, I can’t view any of their tasks (screenshot attached).

Any ideas?? Why is this so difficult?



Hi @Karl_Goodsell

Seems your screenshot didn’t work…

There could be a couple of reasons.

Can you advise the following.

  1. Are the tasks in a Project?
  2. How are you determining that they are not visible are you checking;
  • Your My Tasks
  • The project
  • The individual Team Members My take.
  1. Do these tasks have an assignee



Hi @Jason_Woods,

Thanks for your help on this. The screenshot is attached now.

  1. No, they are our staffs personal tasks that they have made public - not attached to a specific project.

  2. I’m clicking on the team members profile (left column under India Team) and I can see empty task lists only (as per screenshot).

  3. No assignee.


Hi @Karl_Goodsell

Have a look at this guide article to confirm the Public Tasks are setup so other people can see them.

The next thing would be to get one of the team to add the task to that Waste Management project to confirm you can see them.


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Thanks Jason,

We went through this, however still can’t view the teams tasks when I click on their profile on the left hand column under ‘India Team’. We seem to have followed all of the steps correctly and all of their tasks are public so not sure why this isn’t working.

Any other ideas, please let me know!

Are you able to see the next when you navigate to the actual project they are in?

Hi @Karl_Goodsell

Couple of more questions;

  1. Are all the members of the India Team part of the same organisation in Asana? ie. do they all have the same Domain email address?

  2. Can you get a screenshot of one of the tasks the people are creating so we can see if we can see anything in there that might explain.

  3. You mentioned the tasks are not assigned. The screenshot you have of Vivek’s tasks will only show tasks assigned to him that are public to your team. If they aren’t assigned to him then they won’t show.

  4. If you get Vivek to add one of the tasks to the Waste Management project can you then see them?


Hi Jason, thanks for your ongoing support here. Really appreciate it!

  1. They have all been invited as to the same channel, however the India teams email addresses end in and ours end in

  2. They are just individual tasks on their task lists. They have not been assigned to anyone

  3. All of Vivek and Krishna’s tasks are public, but do they have to be assigned to them in order for others to view? They are creating them themselves so it didn’t cross my mind that they would need to assign them to themselves.

Thanks again and looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Bastien,

They aren’t in a project as yet. We are just trying to figure out how to view each others tasks first, before we assign to a project. Is this our mistake? Should all the tasks be project aligned?



A task outside of a project needs to be made publicly available manually with this button

Hi @Karl_Goodsell

Yes I think it is good practice to have everything in a Project. Non project tasks should be minimised as much as possible…

Yes any task should have someone assigned to perform the task. Use collaborators for people contributing or involved in the task.

There is some really good Video Training that walks you through setting up Asana in a team. I would suggest maybe taking a step back and review this training before proceeding much further.

Being a Not for Profit as well Asana has assistance on that space as well have a look at the article in this Community Category for Not For Profit.

I am Brisbane based so happy for you to message me direct and we can have a chat to try and help get you on your way.


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Thanks Bastien, we have already done that. Still doesn’t work.

Thanks Jason, will try this out tomorrow! You’ve been a huge help :slight_smile: